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What is organisation Dollar Matching?
What is organisation Dollar Matching?
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When the Organisation Coordinator is setting up an Organisation in the registration process for STEPtember, they will be asked if the Organisation would like to opt in to dollar match staff fundraising. It’s important to think this through internally within the Organisation and identify the amount it is comfortable to dollar match staff fundraising. This will encourage staff to increase their fundraising efforts, with the knowledge that the organisation will match their donations.

How can the Organisation decide what amount to dollar match staff fundraising?

The organisation coordinator should speak with relevant stakeholders in the organisation to decide on a dollar match amount. Once this has been mutually agreed upon, communicate this within the organisation to encourage staff to fundraise.

What happens when the campaign is finished?

Once the campaign is completed and final donations have been received, the Organisation Coordinators who have opted into dollar matching staff fundraising will be contacted by the STEPtember Team to help process the dollar match amount. The team will need confirmation of the dollar match amount decided by the organisation and the agreed donation amount from each staff member. The team will then apply the organisation’s dollar match donation.

Why should organisations opt in to dollar match staff fundraising?

Dollar matching is a fantastic way to encourages participants to increase their fundraising efforts for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. That’s why we’re so grateful that your organisation is considering this.

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