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Are there any Organisation Leaderboards?
Are there any Organisation Leaderboards?

How to view the leaderboards

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Everyone in your organisation can view the Organisations, Teams and Individuals progress throughout STEPtember by logging into their STEPtember dashboard, then selecting the leaderboard they want to view.

This is split out by top steppers and top fundraisers.

Note, you can click the 'next' button to view the next page.

If you want an overall list of all STEPtember participants this can be found on the STEPtember website: Leaderboards are refreshed every hour - it may take some time to reflect recent steps/donations.

Organisation Coordinators access

If you are the Organisation Coordinator you are also able to see each individual's progress by clicking 'Organisation' in the top right drop down where your name is and then clicking 'Organisation Members'. From here you can then click into each individual’s fundraising page where you can view their fundraising progress.

Only the Organisation Coordinator can view departments and see which members are in each department.

Note, you will not be able to see each individual's daily step count. You will only be able to see the accumulative total by looking on the organisation’s leaderboard.

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