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Where does all the money raised go?
Where does all the money raised go?

Find out what donations help support.

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Thank you for choosing to participate in STEPtember, a fundraising event that helps support individuals with cerebral palsy across Australia. Your contributions will go towards providing life-changing support to rural and regional services, telepractice, babies at risk programs, equipment, technology, and research into the causes and treatments of cerebral palsy.

To learn more about the impact of STEPtember, click Get Inspired. You'll find inspiring stories and testimonials from individuals who have benefited from this event.

Registration for STEPtember is open to individuals, teams, organisations, and schools. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 17, 2024, when registration for the next event will open.

Don't want to miss out on the next STEPtember event? Register your interest now and we'll notify you when registration opens. This is a great way to stay updated and be one of the first to secure your spot in the event. Click the link below:

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