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How do I share my Organisation Fundraising Page?
How do I share my Organisation Fundraising Page?

How the Organisation Coordinator shares Organisation fundraising page to get donations

Updated over a week ago

The person who has registered the Organisation for STEPtember is known as the Organisation Coordinator and is able to share the Organisation Fundraising page to get donation support and also invite colleagues to join the Organisation.

  1. Once the Organisation Coordinator has logged into their STEPtember account, they can select their name in the top right hand corner and from the drop down menu select "my Organisation".

  2. Under "My Organisation" select "Fundraising Page" and this will open the Organisation Fundraising page which can be shared to get donation support as well as has a 'Join us" button where employees of an organisation can click to join their organisation.

  3. Also, the organisation coordinator can go 'organisation members' on their organisation dashboard and use the share functions available to invite colleagues to join the organisation.

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