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How do I create an Organisation?
How do I create an Organisation?

Step by Step guide on how you can create an organisation

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During Registration

  1. Choose someone within your organisation to be the ‘Organisation Coordinator’.

  2. This person can then go ahead and register at and select ‘Yes, I want to create an Organisation’ on the ‘Organisation Page’ of the registration flow.

  3. Next the Organisation Coordinator will need to create a new Organisation.

  4. A team can also be set up during the Registration process or after via the Dashboard.

  5. Once the Organisation Coordinator has completed all registration steps the Organisation Page will be ready for sharing.

  6. The Organisation Coordinator can invite colleagues to either register as a Team or as Individuals participating under the organisation. Note, if, your organisation would like to participate in teams, please ask staff to gather themselves into teams of 4 and elect a Team Captain.

  7. Please read the Article on How do I form a team and add team members.

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