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How do I form a team and invite team members?
How do I form a team and invite team members?

Step by Step guide on how you can create your team and invite team members

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You can create a team and invite team members during or after registration.

The person who creates the team will be the Team Captain. Each team can have a maximum of four participants, including the Team Captain.

During Registration

  1. Select 'Yes, I want to create a team' at the Set Up Your Team Step during registration.

  2. Choose a unique team name and select your team fundraising goal. Note: if you are having trouble coming up with a unique team name, try out the new 'Team Name Generator' option.

  3. Invite your team members. You can choose to invite up to three team members at this time by clicking 'Add Another' and entering their First name, Last name and email address (Please ensure spelling is correct so that team mates get the invitation to join).

  4. Each team member will receive an email invitation to join your team and complete their individual registration.

Note: you can choose to add team members at a later date from your fundraising dashboard too (see steps below).

After Registration

If you are already registered as an individual and want to create a team, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your fundraising dashboard

  2. Scroll down to your dashboard and click 'Create A Team Page'

  3. Create your team name and enter your fundraising goal.

  4. Click 'Create Team' and you will be taken to your 'My Team' homepage.

  5. Scroll down the page to 'Your Team Members' here, and select 'add team member'.

  6. You can have up to four people in your team (including the Team Captain). Each invited team member will receive an email instructing them to complete their registration.

7. Select the 'Team Members' to view your invited team members.

NOTE: Members that have already registered but not accepted you invite should be in the ‘Invited Members’ section. Those that have not registered yet will be in the section ‘Your Team Members’.

Please also see How do I join a team?

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