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STEP4School Resources
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The following resources are attached below:

  • Chatterboxes: A classic featuring pictures of our STEPtember Ambassadors. Kids can make this their own by adding their own activity in one of the spaces

  • Activity Tracker: For younger kids who won’t be joining the STEPtember platform, we’re encouraging teachers to print out the activity tracker for every student to decorate in their own style. Students can add a sticker, stamp or use the cut tokens included in the resources.

  • Cut Out Stickers: Used for the activity tracker to mark every day that a classroom/student moves.

  • Suggested Activities: To support you in finding ways to get kids moving & motivated

  • Classroom Step Converter: More suggested activities that will add to your classroom STEP total. We’ve conveniently made tidying up your area and/or desk a higher count 😊 Teachers can add their classroom steps to their dashboard, which will allow each classroom will be represented on the leader boards.


    Please visit our Resource Hub on our website - follow this link:

    The Resource Hub lists resources your school is welcome to use for STEPtember.

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