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How can I celebrate #STEP4Schools Day?
How can I celebrate #STEP4Schools Day?

Fundraising in my school

Updated over a week ago

#STEP4Schools Day provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn, engage, and

celebrate inclusivity.

The following activities can create a supportive environment where students develop new

friendships, gain a deeper understanding of disabilities, and embrace the beauty of diversity.​

Some fun fundraising ideas:

  • A Mufti Day in STEPtember colours / gold coin donation

  • Special Morning Assembly - using the PowerPoint provided in resources

  • Self-Portrait Activity - A fun class-room activity where students are asked to draw a picture of themselves and include elements of their life that they think make them unique.

  • Communicate with your Community - use this email template

  • Incorporate STEPtember into an existing event, like a bake sale where funds raised go towards your fundraising target

  • Share your fundraising link in a school newsletter with pictures of the kids moving and share why you're supporting #STEP4Schools.

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