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Are there any #STEP4School Resources?
Are there any #STEP4School Resources?
Updated over a week ago

These resources will be everything you need to drive those important conversations with your students about disability, helping to foster empathy and inclusivity in your classrooms, and on #STEP4Schools Day!
​Here's what's included:

πŸ“š How-to guides for registering your school, getting your community involved and celebrating #STEP4Schools Day (Friday 6 September – lock it in your calendars if you haven’t already!)

πŸ’» A PowerPoint presentation to assist you when talking to students about the importance of #STEP4Schools Day

πŸ“§ An email template to help you communicate to parents about #STEP4Schools Day

✨ Fun printables such as a chatterbox and find-a-word for your students, and a donation box for your fundraising activities!

πŸ’¬ Conversation starters for High School students to promote more conversation around what diversity looks like

Visit our #STEP4Schools page to check them all out!


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