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STEP4Schools and how to fundraise
STEP4Schools and how to fundraise

Fundraising in my school

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How can I engage students to fundraise for my School?

Download our fun Activity Tracker provided in Resources to help students track their progress and reward their participation.

To encourage some friendly competition, Teachers can log into their STEPtember account via the STEPtember website and access the ‘Org Leaderboard’ which will show the classroom’s rankings.

How to fundraise!

Fundraising = Participation. The more we fundraise, the more we can provide free therapy to babies, invest in accessible technology and enable more children to actively participate in their community.

Hear directly from Nicole and her son Jibreel about how fundraising has impacted her family and given Jibreel a new lease on life.

Some fun fundraising ideas:

  • A Mufti Day where students bring in a gold coin donation.

  • Wear your sneakers or sports uniform day where parents sponsor kids to get moving throughout the day.

  • Incorporate STEPtember into an existing event, like a bake sale where funds raised go towards your fundraising target

  • Have your own bake sale!

  • Highlight your classrooms Activity Trackers during a parent teacher night and ask them to support their child’s efforts.

  • Share your fundraising link in a school newsletter with pictures of the kids moving and share a bit more about why you're doing STEPtember.

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