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How do I register my School for STEPtember?
How do I register my School for STEPtember?

Register School

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How to set up your school

Choose someone within your school to be the School Coordinator and to go ahead and register at

  1. Complete personal details and select "Yes" to the question "Are you STEPping with your organisation or school?".

  2. Next, select ‘Yes, I want to create an Organisation or school’ on the ‘Organisation/School Page’ of the registration flow. Enter in the details of your school, including School Name, School size, departments (optional), industry (Schools) and set School Fundraising goal.

  3. Next, select "No, I don't want create a team at this time". If you would like to create teams please keep in mind there is a maximum of four people per team. You can also create team after the School is registered.

  4. Next, select your individual Fundraising and daily step goal.

  5. Next, make an optional self donation.

  6. Next, select "confirm entry" (no donation) or "confirm payment" (with donation) which will then finalise your registration and a pop up will display showing your personal fundraising page. Please read the Article on How do I share my School Fundraising Page?


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