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Can I register from overseas?
Can I register from overseas?
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Where can I participate in STEPtember?

STEPtember is currently held in two countries: Australia and the USA.

Individual, team, organisation, and school registrations will open on Wednesday, 17 July 2024.

You can currently register your interest by clicking on the link below.

By registering your interest, you will receive updates and reminders about the event, as well as access to our fundraising resources and tips.

What If STEPtember Isn't Available in My Country?

If STEPtember is not currently operating in your country, don't worry! You can still participate by registering on the Australian site. This will allow you to join in on the fun and support the cause, even if you are not located in Australia or the USA.


  • Donations made to the Australian campaign by people outside of Australia will be processed in Australian dollars and will not be tax-deductible.

  • We are not able to send merchandise, pedometers, or prizes internationally.

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