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How does the app track my activity?
How does the app track my activity?

App tracking activity and steps and getting the most out of the App.

Updated over a week ago

The STEPtember App uses the inbuilt GPS system in your smartphone to track your fitness activity when using the ‘Start Activity’ button.

If you link the app to a wearable, the app will then use the devises GPS and location systems to track your steps, which are then loaded in to the STEPtember App.

To ensure the best GPS connection, please complete the following steps:

  • Have a clear view to the sky as obstructions between your phone and the sky can affect the signal.

  • Ensure your device data is always enabled for the App.

  • Give it time - allow time for the GPS to connect, this may take 30 seconds to a minute, and you should see this via a more accurate track of your progress against the street map

  • Disable any battery saver settings, including Power Saving Mode or Battery Management.

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