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What is the Dollar Match Day criteria?
What is the Dollar Match Day criteria?

How does Dollar Matching work

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Criteria for a Matched Donation

If your donation is not matched please do not be disheartened as every donation received will still make a significant impact on our cerebral palsy community and help to support people living with cerebral palsy to live their best lives. We really value all your support, and hope that you are enjoying STEPtember!

Certain criteria must be met for a STEPtember Donation to be matched (note all criteria must be met):

  • Donation must be made on the allocated Dollar Match day

  • Donation must be made to the applicable STEPtember Individual Fundraising page, Team Fundraising or Organisation Fundraising page via the website

  • Donation receipt must be confirmed between the Dollar Match Day Start Time and until the Dollar Match Cap is reached or Dollar Match Day End Time 11:59pm AEST (whichever occurs earlier).

  • For Self-donation Dollar Match day: individual must be logged in and donation must be made to the specialised landing page.

Reasons Why Your Donation May Not Be Matched

Donation will NOT be matched if any of the below apply:

  • Donation was made too early (before 10am or 3pm AEST on the scheduled Dollar Match day)

  • Donation was made too late (after the cap has been reached)

  • Donation was made to a Facebook Fundraising Page

  • Donation was made to the General STEPtember donation page

  • Donation was made during Registration

  • Donation was over $5000AUD

Additional Information

  • Matched donations will appear on the participant’s fundraising page automatically.

  • STEPtember will notify participants via our STEPtember Facebook page when the Dollar Match Cap has been reached.

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