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My donation is not showing?
My donation is not showing?

Donation troubleshooting

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My Donation Didn't Appear and I Haven't Been Charged for It

If you've made a donation but it hasn't appeared on your profile or you haven't been charged for it, there may have been an issue with the donation process.

First, make sure that you have completed all the required fields on the donation page. Sometimes, missing information can cause a donation to not go through successfully.

When a donation is successfully processed, you should receive an email with a tax receipt from [email protected].

If you haven't received this email (please also check your junk folder), it's likely that your donation was not processed successfully.

If you're sure that you've completed all the necessary fields and your donation still hasn't appeared, it's possible that there was a technical issue during the donation process. In this case, please reach out to our Customer Support Team for assistance.

I Donated and Have Been Charged, But It Has Not Shown on My Profile or the Person I Allocated It To

If you've been charged for a donation but it hasn't appeared on your profile or the person you allocated it to, it's possible that your donation has gone into the general donation pool.

To resolve this issue, please contact our Customer Support Team with the details of the donor's name, email, and the person the donation should be allocated to. Our team will be able to relocate the donation for you.

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