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How do teachers join their School?
How do teachers join their School?

Teachers registration

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  1. The School’s Coordinator will email teachers the unique registration link and teachers can then join the school by clicking on the link and registering as an individual. We recommend using the teacher’s surname as the ‘First name’ and class name as the ‘Last name’ e.g. First Name: ‘Mrs Brown’, Last name: ‘5B’.

  2. If your school has created departments, make sure to select the appropriate Year Grade e.g., Year 5.

  3. Follow the steps to complete your registration. We recommend skipping the ‘Set Up Your Team’ step by selecting ‘No, I don’t want to create a team at this time’, as once the teacher has registered, the class will be participating under the teacher’s classroom.

  4. Once the teacher has completed their registration steps, they will be emailed their unique class fundraising page URL (e.g., which they can then share with the parents of the class who can donate directly to their child’s class fundraising page.

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